COMSOL Conferences are brought to you by more than just COMSOL

Phil Kinnane October 11, 2011
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The COMSOL Conference is the year’s premier event for COMSOL Multiphysics users and people interested in simulations. The program is packed with user presentations and posters, hands-on minicourses and networking opportunities. But it is not all brought to you by COMSOL alone.

The conference sponsors help COMSOL make this event possible through a number of different ways. For example, NASA Tech Briefs will be sponsoring the cocktail reception and poster session on Thursday evening. A number of other Media Sponsors from the world’s leading technical magazines will also be in attendance, and taking the opportunity to catch up on some of the latest research and innovation concerning Multiphysics simulations. Don’t be surprised if they would like a chat with you.

conference sponsors

Then you have the opportunity to check out the COMSOL Certified Consultants. AltaSim Technologies was COMSOL’s first certified consultant and will be presenting during the Keynote session on Thursday. They have contributed a couple of User Presentations as have the engineers from Veryst Engineering, who will also be exhibiting during the Poster Sessions.

A number of COMSOL’s software partners have also sponsored the conference. It is great that they will be in attendance as this gives you the chance to network with them and see how you can extend your modeling. Two of these , MatWeb and SpaceClaim, will be featured in the sponsor spotlight during the Keynote presentations on Friday, while Simpleware will be running a minicourse.

All in all, there is a lot more to be gained from the COMSOL Conference than just checking out COMSOL Multiphysics.



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