COMSOL is pleased to Welcome Amphos 21 as a Certified Consultant, First in Spain and South America

Phil Kinnane July 18, 2012
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Amphos 21 have long been experts within environmental consulting. In particular, they have been consulting for almost twenty years within nuclear and industrial waste management, the management of water resources and contaminated land, and energy optimization. It was therefore a pleasure to see that they had started using COMSOL Multiphysics for a number of their projects, and are now officially offering consultancy services for modeling multiphysics processes within these and similar industries.

COMSOL is pleased to welcome Amphos 21 to be part of our Certified Consultant Program.

Amphos 21, COMSOL Certified Consultants

What can Amphos 21 do?

Amphos 21 employs a number of experts within chemistry, geochemistry, civil engineering, hydrogeology, and computer science with a large number of them holding advanced degrees. We were happy to meet them when they attended a conference in Stockholm, back in May, which was devoted to the potential release of radionuclides from nuclear waste repositories. We were very impressed with their modeling of reactive transport modeling in crystalline rock, and how it matched their experimental results almost perfectly.

Coming from Spain and with two offices in South America, this makes Amphos 21 our first Certified Consultants within these regions. Read more about them on our Certified Consultants page.

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