Design World Leadership in Engineering Award, Software Category

Fanny Littmarck July 3, 2012
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We don’t mean to be forward, but we would like to ask you for a favor. Design World, a prominent engineering magazine, is holding a “Leadership in Engineering” contest and is currently taking votes. Winners for each category will be acknowledged in the December issue. COMSOL has been entered for a chance to win the award for the software category — and now we need your vote! Said Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor at Design World magazine, “This is the sixth year we have held the Leadership Awards. It’s an opportunity for our readers to weigh in on companies who demonstrate excellence in product design, service, creativity, or other qualities that to our readers shows that a company is a leader in its industry.”

DesignWorld Vote

Why should you vote for COMSOL as the engineering software leader?

We can think of a few reasons off the top of our head. Vote for us because we enable you to design better products for your company, faster and at a lower cost than if you had to work out the kinks via trial-and-error via physical prototyping. Vote for us because we bring you a suite of tools for everything from electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical applications to interfacing tools to connect your preferred CAD software with our powerful multiphysics tool. Vote for us because you work in R&D and enjoy quick and accurate model set-up when bringing your design ideas to life — or simply because you drive a hybrid car. After all, life is multiphysics, and COMSOL is multiphysics.

Every day we showcase innovations and inventions brought forth by users of COMSOL. Now we’re asking for you to help showcase us in Design World. Vote now.

Thank you!

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  2. Fanny Littmarck July 5, 2012   7:51 am

    Thank you Chien!
    We appreciate it.

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