MEMSflower, X-Rad Friend, and other Cool Innovations Compete to Win your Vote in the Create the Future Design Contest

Bernt Nilsson August 23, 2012
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It’s been a busy summer for innovators. An all-time high of 950 submissions have been entered into the Create the Future Design Contest with a chance to win a Grand Prize of $20,000, computers, and most importantly, the honor. This is also a great opportunity for contestants to get recognition among their peers — submissions come from a record 65 countries this year.

Create the Future Design Contest 2012

Users of COMSOL Multiphysics have sent in their entries too. Their designs are from areas across industries such as electronics, medical, consumer products, and transportation. A neat example is the MEMSflower submitted by Augusto Tazzoli from Carnegie Mellon University. The idea is to make micro solar cells movable to track the sun and yield maximum efficiency of the photovoltaic system. This has the potential to replace the energy demanding conventional mechanical structures used to move solar panels. By using piezoelectric and electrostatic effects a MEMSflower solar panel only requires 1 mW of power to follow the sun’s rays. The system uses a million times less power than the conventional method! Check it out here.

Another innovation that I found interesting is the “X-Rad Friend – Personal X-Ray Radiation Dosimeter”. There are many sources of radiation out there and wouldn’t it be great to detect a presumably dangerous radiation level before you have been exposed too long? I think you’ll agree with me that the X-Rad Friend from Team Karin Edgett, Sensor Sensor LLC, holds great promise.

These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg of a wealth of innovative products. On the Create the Future Design Contest 2012 website you will find nearly a thousand entries. Which of them would you like to see as the winner? Make your pick. Voting is open until August 31st. Find out how to vote and do it now.


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