Panel Discussions Will be a Hit at the Conference

Phil Kinnane January 19, 2012
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Reading Fanny’s blog post from a couple of days back, I’m also getting excited about the COMSOL Conference. The big news for me is the introduction of Panel Discussions.

We’ve noticed that although the User Presentations are interesting, there’s very little time to ask the presenters questions before the next one has to get up there to present. On the other hand, we have all appreciated the Keynote presentations, which are often more general in their content, but also don’t provide much opportunity to ask questions.

Favorite Part of the Conference

Some of the most rewarding parts of the conference, for me, have been the dinners and poster sessions where longer conversations can be held with a number of people. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people are talking about specific topics like; what’s the future for the MEMS industry, or how much flexibility should we expect with a simulating software?

Introducing Panel Discussions

So, now we hope to get about five or so parallel sessions going, during one of the afternoons of the conference, where the focus will be on getting people to discuss what they love most: modeling!

Invited speakers will give a general talk to start off the discussion, and then they will join a couple of their colleagues and an engineer from COMSOL on the panel to discuss the subject together with the audience.

We have yet to decide the topics, so any suggestions are welcome. (Feel free to post your ideas to our Facebook page!)


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