Heat Transfer in Materials Forming Processes

Jean-Luc Battaglia

Heat Transfer in Materials Forming Processes deals with the solution of thermal problems in various processes, such as molding, cutting, welding or grinding, involved in working with or manufacturing materials. Two approaches are presented for each type of application. The first is analytical, leading to general solutions that are well-suited to the needs of the engineer at the time when the processes are first designed and dimensioned. This approach also provides tools for rapid analysis and assessment of the contribution to heat transfer from each process in a multi-stage manufacturing or forming process.

The second approach is based on the finite element method. This makes it possible to solve each problem with greater precision, but with the requirement of a longer (and often more expensive) implementation. This parallel approach to the problem-solving process provides the reader with the options and advantages of taking either of the different approaches, allowing for a more informed decision when applying these methods. The inclusion of practical exercises and solutions also allows the reader to further their understanding by applying these methods to real-life cases.


  • Fundamentals of heat transfer.
  • The finite element method.
  • Heat transfer in casting processes.
  • Heat transfer in machining.