TeknoFysik AB

Bruno Slettenmark, Ph. D. in physics and CEO for TeknoFysik AB, has long experience from industrial R&D including evaluation of innovations and new technology.

Bruno Slettenmark has earlier been active as Chief Scientist at Siemens-Elema AB, an electro-medical company, for ten years and during a period as professor in physics at the Royal Technical University of Stockholm.

Field of activity

TeknoFysik AB analyses and solves technically complicated problems arising in the development of advanced products. The character of the tasks varies over a wide spectrum and often involves trouble shooting and proposed changes of design of existing products or modification of production processes, technical calculations and investigations, modelling and simulations and general technical and scientific consulting within fields such as:

  • Electro-mechanical systems
  • Sensors
  • Medical devices
  • Optical systems
  • Systems involving physical issues in general


The customers of TeknoFysik AB typically come from the following branches:

  • Consulting companies specialising in product development
  • Development companies with own products
  • Medical Technology companies

Address & Contact Information

Teknofysik AB
Fallskärmsvägen 20 B
175 69 Järfälla
Phone: +46-(0)708 245 785