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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 57 0 1 day ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Rose Freeman Rose Freeman Plate length for external forced convection
5.2a , Heat Transfer
19 0 49 minutes ago
Tuli Tuli python for comsol 1,281 3 1 hour ago
Ajaz Rashid Ajaz Rashid COMSOL 5.2 gets stuck after some time 444 7 3 hours ago
Ozgur Ozgur Creating Geometry with an algorithm 235 7 3 hours ago
David Segal David Segal moving projectile-railgun 2,439 3 6 hours ago
Yuri Paskover Yuri Paskover Scaling arrays 284 7 6 hours ago
Feiza Mnasri Feiza Mnasri save a model made on a new version to an older version 3,437 4 9 hours ago
Lazar Kovacs Lazar Kovacs Comsol terminates in strange ways 31 1 9 hours ago
JiYoung Park JiYoung Park Error in multiphysics compilation 9,009 11 10 hours ago
uday uday Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Simulation 9 0 11 hours ago
Meryeme Boumahdi Meryeme Boumahdi Comsol with Matlab 62 4 12 hours ago
Lazar Kovacs Lazar Kovacs Automatically import parameters and export simulation data 21 0 13 hours ago
Francisco Munoz Francisco Munoz Eigenfrequency and Temperature in a Cantilever 4,577 8 13 hours ago
Harish Puppala Harish Puppala Comsol stops responding 69 4 14 hours ago
Karthik Selvam Karthik Selvam Error: Undefined Value Found 12 0 23 hours ago
Olutosin Fawole Olutosin Fawole Amplitude response of beam in frequency study 156 2 24 hours ago
Olutosin Fawole Olutosin Fawole Moving Mesh (ale) with magnetic fields 43 0 24 hours ago
Heleen Boeyaert Heleen Boeyaert modeling of stresses in a brace 34 1 1 day ago
kyle91 kyle91 Joule Heating in Large Electromagnet 138 10 1 day ago
Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 57 0 1 day ago
Ngo Dinh Nhan Ngo Dinh Nhan How to link the solution in different Studies ? 10 0 1 day ago
Jiuan Wei Jiuan Wei Can I pause the calculation and check the intermediate result? 5,405 15 1 day ago
Mohamed Farhat Mohamed Farhat 3D dispersion curves using Comsol 4,485 9 1 day ago
Fabian Huber Fabian Huber How to move domains 28 1 1 day ago
Surbhi Jain Surbhi Jain rf mems switch using comsol 4.2 a 18 0 1 day ago

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