Sep 19, 2019 Albany, New York10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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You are invited to join us at COMSOL Day Albany for a day of minicourses, panel discussions, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other simulation specialists in the COMSOL community.

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We will demonstrate the process of transforming fully defined models into specialized simulation applications and the various ways of deploying those applications.

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Panel Discussion
Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions

COMSOL Day Details


Albany Marriott
189 Wolf Road
Albany, New York 12205

COMSOL Speakers

Yeswanth Rao

Yeswanth Rao is a technical sales manager and has been with COMSOL since early 2008. He holds a PhD in biological engineering and a master's degree in electrical engineering. His finite element background is in MEMS, particularly piezoelectric modeling.

Nithin Jacob

Nithin Jacob joined COMSOL in 2015 and currently works as a technical sales engineer. He received a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Arizona State University and his interests include structural mechanics and product development.

Invited Speakers

Trevor Munroe
Naval Nuclear Laboratory
Trevor Munroe started working at Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) in 1981. He graduated from City College of New York with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a master's degree in mechanical engineering. Trevor began his career in system performance analysis but then moved on to new challenges in the nascent field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), where he worked with in-house and many different commercial CFD codes. He currently works in research and development groups, where he is involved in numerous projects. Trevor has experience in studying and analyzing devices such as heat pipes, thermosiphons, electromagnetic devices, compressors, Stirling engines, and thermoacoustics. Trevor’s experiences led him to appreciate the world of multiphysics. His earliest endeavor into the field of multiphysics involved the arduous task of linking a CFD code with a finite element analysis (FEA) code via a third-party code. He realized the limitations of using a separate code for each physics and soon after transitioned to COMSOL® version 3.4. Trevor has been using COMSOL Multiphysics® for the past decade and has since performed many simulations using COMSOL® software products such as the AC/DC, RF, CFD, Heat Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Acoustics, Optimization, and Particle Tracing modules. Trevor likes to expand his technical knowledge through websites such as MIT OpenCourseWare and NPTEL.

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