Axisymmetric Condenser Microphone with Electrical Lumping

Application ID: 10731

This model is that of a simple axisymmetric condenser microphone. The model includes all the relevant physics and determines the sensitivity of the specific microphone geometry and material parameters. The model uses a lumped approximation for the electric small signal problem but solves a full FE model for the acoustic-mechanical system. The quiescent (zero point) problem is solved fully using electrostatics and a membrane model.

The model includes:



  • Thermoacoustics for the acoustics at this small scale
  • A PDE model of a tensioned membrane
  • Moving mesh to deform the geometry
  • Electrostatics to determine capacitance
  • Circuit model to model electric lumped model (small signal analysis)
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    This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products:

    Acoustics Module