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Evaluation of COMSOL as a Tool for Pinpointing Moisture Entering Locations From Inside Surface Moisture

J. van Schijndel
Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The location and nature of the moisture leakages are sometimes difficult to detect. Moreover, the relation between observed inside surface moisture patterns and where the moisture enters the construction is often not clear. The objective of this paper is to investigate inverse modeling techniques as a tool for the detection of moisture leakage locations in building constructions from inside ...

Blistering of Industrial Floor on Concrete Substrate: the Role of the Air Overpressure

S.V. Aher[2], P. Devillers[1], G. Fau[3], B. Tranain[3], and C. Buisson[1]
[1]Centre des Matériaux de Grande Diffusion, Ecole des Mines d’Alès, Alès cedex, France
[2]Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
[3]Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment, France

Surface coating can fullfil their function satisfactorily over an extended period of time only if there is a good bond between the concrete substrate and the coating. The most numerous cases of blistering affect the airtight covers of the concrete subjected to negative pressures of humidity from the support. The general objective of this study is the understanding of the blistering phenomenon. ...

Solving Two-scale Transport Laws During Frying of Foods Using COMSOL Multiphysics

J. Maneerote, and P.S. Takhar
International Center for Food Industry Excellence Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA

Microscale comprised of the scale of food biopolymers at which biochemical reactions and textural changes take place, and the macroscale was the scale of interaction of polymers with surrounding water, vapor and oil phases. Numerous novel equations such as generalized Darcy’s law based fluid transport equations for various phases; near-equilibrium equation governing phase change from liquid ...

Constructing COMSOL Models of a Bacteriological Fuel Cell

R. Coker[1], J. Mansell[1]
[1]NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, USA

We have started constructing preliminary design COMSOL models of a bacteriologically driven \'fuel cell\' that is intended to process waste products, such as carbon dioxide and brine, from a crewed vehicle. At this early stage, this complex system is reduced to two electrodes separated by a membrane. The electrolyte is a brine appropriate for growing methanogenic bateria, though none are ...

Vibro-acoustic modeling, analysis and optimization using COMSOL Multiphysics - new

Yu Xiang [1],
[1] Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Institute of High Performance Computing), Singapore

Vibro-acoustics encompasses the study of interaction between sound and vibration. For example, sound transmission analysis is important to design vehicle bodies and building partitions, advanced noise control technologies can ease the increasing noise pollution problem in densely populated cities, and hearing-aid is a good application of acoustics in biomedical engineering. In IHPC, we ...

Novel Sensor Technology for Point of Care Diagnostics

V. Djakov
Sensor Development Director
Microvisk Technologies Ltd

Dr Vladislav Djakov is the co-founder of Microvisk Technologies Ltd and the inventor of its MEMS-based Technology. Born in Belgrade, Serbia he came to UK in 1995 to pursue M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence followed by Ph.D. in Micro-robotics. With over 14 years of extensive ‘hands-on’ expertise on a number of micro-fabrication techniques, using standard and novel materials, as well as ...

Red Blood Cell Separation Using Magnetophoresis Force - new

Tran Si Bui Quang [1],
[1] Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Institute of High Performance Computing), Singapore

The separation of RBCs is needed in many biomedical devices. RBCs contain hemoglobin, which in turn consists of iron that helps transport oxygen throughout the body. The permeability of deoxygenated red blood cells is about (1 – 3.9e-6). The permeability of oxygenated red blood cells is about (1 – 9.2e-6). The permeability of plasma is about (1 – 7.7e-6). Due to the difference of permeabilities, ...

Enhanced Fin Tube Heat Exchanger Design Through Topology Optimization - new

Shi Zeng [1],
[1] National University of Singapore, Singapore

Fin tube heat exchangers are widely used in air conditioning systems. Various fin structures have been proposed and studied in literature to enhance their heat transfer performance. However, enhancement in heat transfer is often accompanied by pressure drop penalty. This study utilized a numerical method, topology optimization, to design novel fin structures for enhancing heat transfer ...

Numerical Optimization of Microelectrode Systems for Single Cell Manipulation by Dielectrophoresis - new

Nguyen Ba Loc [1],
[1] Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Precise single cell manipulation is useful for many biomedical applications such as tissue engineering, cell-based bio-sensing, image-based cell selection and cell-cell interaction. Among the various techniques to control the location of cells, dielectrophoresis (DEP) proves to be a very promising approach to manipulate large quantity of cells with easy operation and less damage than traditional ...

Modified Model of Heat and Mass Transfer Phase Change with High Density Ratio - new

Jayden Tan Jun Wong [1],
[1] Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology), Singapore

In two phase fluid problem which involve phase change, the location of interface is changing and exceptional difficult to be captured accurately when the two immiscible fluid have high density ratio. By using general phase field model, the issue emerged with inaccurate location of moving surface with time. This is due to the fact that the properties across the diffusive interface is varied with ...