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Thermal Modelling of Lunar Surface at Regional Scales using COMSOL Multiphysics®

K. Durga Prasad [1], S. V. S. Murty [1], V. K. Rai [1],
[1] Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India

The thermal behavior/heat flow of the Moon provides us an insight into its geophysical character and thermal evolution. The thermal behavior within the uppermost (top few meters) regolith layers is more complex due to their complex geometric, thermal and radiative properties. In order to ... Read More

Study on the Thermal Behaviors of LFP Aluminum-laminated Battery with Different Tab Configurations

M. Jia [1], S. Du [1],
[1] School of Metallurgy and Environment, Central South University, Changsha 410083, PR China

Abstract: A 3.2V/10Ah LFP aluminum-laminated batteries are chosen as the target of the present study. A three-dimensional thermal simulation model is established based on finite element theory and proceeding from the internal heat generation of the battery[13]. The study illustrates a ... Read More

Dinâmica de Fluidos Reativos Para Deposição de Filmes Finos

F. F. Dall'Agnol [1]
[1] Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Blumenau, SC, Brasil

Graduado e doutor em Física pela USP de São Carlos. Foi professor colaborador pelo Departamento de Matemática na Universidade Federal de São Carlos e pelo Departamento de Física pela Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste em Guarapuava. Foi pesquisador no Centro de Tecnologia da ... Read More

Magnetic Prospecting Modeling of Seamount with COMSOL Multiphysics

G. Ha, S.-S. Kim [1]
[1] Chungnam National University, Daejon, Korea

In general, seamount magnetic modeling assumes uniform magnetization for the entire construct. The following geologic obervations are often not considered: 1. The internal structure composed of multiple volcanic layers, and 2. Remanent magnetization gained during the magnetic polarity ... Read More

Study of Particle Collection Using Magnets

M. D. Cheng [1],
[1] Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

Airborne particles or aerosols are an unstable system with distributed properties among its individual particulate members. Its fundamental property such as particle size, composition, electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, and morphology could change in response to ... Read More

A Numerical Heat Transfer Analysis on an Implantable Phase-Change Actuated Peristaltic Micropump

F. Forouzandeh [1], D. A. Borkholder [1],
[1] Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

Advances in protective and restorative biotherapies have created new opportunities to address vestibular disorders, deafness, and noise induced-, sensorineural-, and age-related hearing loss. Controllable and implantable drug delivery micropumps are essential for therapy development in ... Read More

Analysis of Degrading Asbestos fibers in MW field by COMSOL multiphysics

K. Kashimura [1],
[1] Chubu Univ.

MW heating acts on asbestos fibers in slates and degrade them at low temperature comparing with conventional heating methods. The simulation of comsol multiphysics makes important roles to investigate the degrading mechanism, and will be introduced at the conference. We introduce the ... Read More


孙言飞 [1], 夏厚勇 [1], 韩威振 [1], 苗萌 [1], 樊煜 [1],
[1] 合肥国轩高科动力能源有限公司

在电池的性能比较过程中总存在温升、恒流比、容量保持率、倍率性等电性能比较,其中影响这些性能的重要参数就是电池的极化大小。然而现实使用中极化很难以量化,仅仅用直流或者交流内阻来表示还显得单一且不具有说服力,所以寻求一种能够量化的手段从而来衡量电池的极化具有重要意义。通过极化的占比分析还可以分析哪一种极化影响较大,从而为电池的设计优化提供可靠的方向指导。 鉴于上述描述,我们开发了一种充放电过程中极化仿真方法及模型。在COMSOL® 软件的一维模型中定义编辑正负极以及隔膜电解液处反应极化方程和积分,然后利用“电池与燃料电池模块 ... Read More

A Multi-physics Study of the Ion Transport in Wireless Bipolar Nanopore Electrodes

Y. L. Ying [1], Y. J. Li [1], R. Gao [1], Y. X. Hu [1], L. F. Cui [1], L. Q. Ruan [1],
[1] East China University of Science & Technology, Shanghai, China

Wireless Bipolar Nanopore Electrode (WNE) as a new type of nanoelectrode offers a novel and generally accessible tool for analyzing single molecules/ions, discriminating single particles and probing single cells. The WNE fabricates by a metal coated quartz nanopore, which owns a gold ... Read More


万见峰 [1], 崔书山 戎咏华 张骥华 [1],
[1] 上海交通大学

The phase-field method is a powerful computational approach in modeling microstructure evolution in materials at the mesoscopic scale. The microstructure evolution of thermally induced structural transformation in shape memory alloys (SMAs) has been widely studied by phase-field ... Read More