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Boost Sales and Build Stronger Relationships with the Deployment of Simulation Apps

Rick Beyerle, Pierre Hatte, GrafTech, USA

Proofs of concept are often the deciding factor in gaining the trust of a customer and generating a sale. But for high-tech companies like GrafTech, a leading producer of carbon and graphite for industrial applications, proofs of concept aren’t necessarily straightforward. With the Application Builder, available in COMSOL Multiphysics®, simulation specialists can convert their work into a ...

Multiphysics Analysis Advances Water Main Leak Detection

Sebastien Perrier, Echologics, Canada

As infrastructure ages and becomes obsolete, municipalities must deal with the constant updating and renovating required to maintain cities' adherence to modern standards. When it comes to water pipe networks, locating leaks is difficult. To combat this, engineers at Echologics created a model that studies the acoustic-structure interaction of pipes and calculates the speed of sound. They then ...

Behind the Rumble and Roar of Mahindra Motorcycles

Ulhas Mohite, Niket Bhatia, Mahindra Two Wheeler, India

Optimization is a subtle and delicate art, especially when it comes to motorcycles. Regulatory requirements on pass-by noise must be met, while a loud, rumbling muffler is integral to the perception of bike power. Engineers at Mahindra Two Wheelers perform a balancing act when developing motorcycles. They performed multiphysics analyses on engines, intakes, and exhaust systems to study noise, ...

Designing Energy-Efficient Photonic Switches to Support Growing Network Traffic

Dritan Celo, Eric Bernier, Dominic Goodwill, Huawei Technologies Canada

All-optical networks were envisioned decades ago because of their potential for high transmission speeds to address the ever-increasing demands on the performance of communication networks. At Huawei Technologies Canada, critical optical components, including thermo-optic silicon photonic switches, are under development. Analysis using multiphysics simulation aims to minimize power consumption ...

Light, Strong, and Defect-Free Laser Welding: Perfecting the Process for the Automotive Industry

Sadok Gaied, ArcelorMittal, France
Philippe Le Masson, Mickael Courtois, Muriel Carin, Université Bretagne Sud, France

Dozens of safety features in modern automobiles help reduce risk while driving, but regardless of their complexity, the most important obstacle between passengers and other cars is the frame. Safety standards require certain strengths for car frames, and much of this strength comes from the joints. Poor weld quality can lead to unnaturally high stresses and diminish the strength of a frame. ...

Seeking Out Electrical Arcing Regions in Satellite Systems

Vasily Kozhevnikov, Institute of High Current Electronics, Russia

Space is the epitome of an unpredictable and harsh environment. These conditions are near impossible to replicate via experimentation, making it exceedingly difficult to study the behavior of space-borne devices. To circumvent this issue, numerical simulation is often employed to reproduce the full range of operating parameters that exist in orbit. At the Institute of High Current Electronics, ...

Accelerating Custom Capacitor Design with Simulation Apps

Sam Parler, Cornell Dubilier Electronics, USA

When a component is as ubiquitous as a capacitor, its design process needs to allow for a lot of customization. This is because their large variety of applications, ranging from fighter jets and radar to wind turbines and solar energy, can entail distinct and demanding requirements. Cornell Dubilier Electronics, a leading manufacturer of high-quality capacitors, has to account for specific power ...

Revving up Electrohydraulic Power Steering with Virtual Prototyping

Feng Qi, FZB Technology, USA

In the automobile industry, the only thing faster than the cars that are produced is their design cycle. Validation and physical prototyping can be expensive and time consuming, but getting as close as possible to a final design before transitioning from virtual prototyping can speed up the process considerably. Engineers at FZB Technology employ this methodology in their development of ...

Engineering Perfect Puffed Snacks

Tushar Gulati, Ashim Datta, Cornell University, USA

When considering multiphysics processes entailing mass transport, phase transitions, and plastic deformation, your first thought may not be puffed rice. However, the production of puffed rice, like many other types of food, is incredibly complicated and involves multiple interconnected types of physics. Professor Ashim Datta of Cornell University is leading a team to simulate the puffing of ...

How Fast Do Elevated Temperatures Reach the Cell Interior?

Gerd Liebig, Pamina Bohn, NEXT ENERGY EWE Research Centre for Energy Technology, Germany

Lithium-ion batteries, which have a tendency to degrade at high temperatures, must adhere to stringent regulations guaranteeing their ability to withstand operating temperature fluctuations. Researchers at NEXT ENERGY used heat transfer modeling to study whether high welding temperatures can create enough temperature propagation within cells to cause irreversible damage, such as electrolyte ...